Transporting patients across the USA


After turning down countless requests to transport people across state lines, MMT finally made the leap into cross country patient transport in 2001. Contrary to some of the companies you will find on the internet, that decision involved more than hanging a sign on the door that said, “N...

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One Story Beats a Hundred Adjectives..


For many people, our website is the first window into our company. For those who never see the website, it’s the phone call into our dispatch center that creates that first impression. If we drop the ball there, then it makes no difference how great our service is, because most people w...

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A 99 Year Old Sums it Up!


Two months ago, my family and I said our final goodbyes to the strongest woman I have ever known. At 99 years old, my grandmother, affectionately known as “Gammy” expressed to her caregiver that she wanted to lie down because she wasn’t feeling well. She walked into her bedro...

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"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower". (Steve Jobs)


One of the most exciting elements of our industry is the constant evolution of devices, procedures, and improvements in patient care. Almost daily there are new innovations and ideas being tested and developed to improve our quality of life regardless of the disability, disease or ailment that ...

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The Key to Joining our Team...

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About an hour ago, one of our crews called, who had just finished tucking their patient into her new bed and saying their goodbyes following a 19 hour transport. Once they drove away from the patients facility, they reported that they would be stopping to shop at a “cool Amish market&#...

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