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Savvy Consumers Propel Medical Tourism

Aug 21, 2013

We can’t imagine a patient or their family scheduling long distance medical transportation with us and not knowing in advance the complete cost and what it includes. Well finally, patients are requiring the same transparency from their docto...

Tagged: cross country ambulance transport, long distance patient transport, patient travel, medical tourism, nonemergency travel, nonemergency patient transportation

AFFORDABLE, but unable to compete with "CHEAP!"

May 21, 2010

With no barriers to entry in the NON-EMERGENCY medical transport business, we have seen a lot of individuals with no medical backgrounds or transportation experience purchase a van, add a wheelchair lift or stretcher and apply a magnetic sign to ...

Tagged: medical transport, medical transportation, patient transport, stretcher transportation, long distance medical transport, athens medical transport, georgia medical transport, nonemergency transport, non emergency transportaton, nationwide medical transport, long distance medical transport, cross country ambulance transport, cross country ambulance transportation

FAQ Items

We are waiting to hear if a facility we have been looking at has a bed available. Once they give us the go ahead, we will only be able to hold it for 48 hours. How much notice do you need?

Apr 20, 2011

We can usually make just about anything happen with a 2 to 3 day notice. Sometimes, we are booked for more than a week out, and sometimes we can work a transport in with a few hours notice. The best thing to do is to call us once you have a pret...

Tagged: non emergency transport, cross country ambulance transport, nursing home transfers, non emergency medical transportation

Does the fact that my mom needs oxygen make her too critical for your service?

Sep 17, 2010

We are _definitely able _to continue oxygen during transport. Oxygen is considered a prescription drug, so one needs a doctors order to initiate it. If the patient is already receiving it, or has orders to use it as needed (PRN), we are able to pr...

Tagged: medical transport, patient transportation, long distance transport, non emergency medical transport, cross country ambulance transport

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