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Do you allow a companion to ride with the patient?

I would like to travel with my husband, who is bedridden. Is this allowed? Is there an extra charge?

It absolutley is allowed! We have room for one additional person to ride along with the patient if they wish. They will ride in a leather captains chair that reclines, right next to the patient. There is never any extra charge for this.

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Both of my parents need to make this trip from their home to mine. Dad is the bedridden one, but mom, although ambulatory, needs a lot of assistance and supervision. Can they both ride together?

Yes. One of the beauties of our service is the fact that our personnel have medical backgrounds so they know how to work with patients who are at all levels of the care spectrum. When booking the transport, you’ll let us know a lot of informaton pertaining to both of their needs and habits and we will insure that they both arrive safely at their destination.

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