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One of the benefits of being in business for so many years is that we have had the opportunity to purchase many different types of vehicles and assess the safety and comfort of each one. Unequivocally, the current Ford Extended Transit Vans have won time and time again in smoothness of the ride. Obviously the various road conditions throughout the country effect the ride, but we have made every improvement possible to insulate the patient from those conditions. There is room for extra bags and belongings as well. Our vans are designed, built and continuously modified exclusively for us, based on feedback from the patients whom we have transported over the years. In addition, these custom built conversion vans are equipped with 22" DVD/Video screens for patient and passenger, and all leather bucket seats for a family member to ride in next to the patient. Tinted privacy glass with custom blinds on every window, continuous oxygen capabilities and inverter power source for electrical power are also part of the many unique features of our vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with a full size Ferno brand stretcher that adjusts to all positions for the patient to ride comfortably. These vans also have been designed with forward facing stretchers, a rarity in the patient transport industry, so that patients do not have to ride backwards on their journey.


Our vehicles are traded annually, insuring that they are always updated and in excellent condition. All MMT vehicles follow strict preventative maintenance guidelines and are serviced by the dealership, not by us. This assures that all safety and mechanical work is done by factory trained technicians using recommended parts. In addition, this allows a third party to keep impeccable maintenance records on file showing all work recommended and performed on our fleet.

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