Do you have medical trained personnel in the van during a ride?

Yes. MMT was the first dedicated non-emergency service to insist that our vehicles have medically trained personnel. We’ve had this requirement since our inception in 1997.

Our staff have backgrounds as CNA’s, EMT’s, Paramedics, and in nursing. Because we are not licensed or functioning as an ambulance, we do not have the equipment on board like cardiac monitors, drug boxes, etc.., and are not licensed to practice in these non emergency vans. Medical personnel are used by us because of their expertise in addressing patients with a wide variety of conditions from dementia to fractured hips to Parkinson’s and strokes. We also use trained medical staff because they understand how to navigate the hospitals and nursing facilities that we frequent, and recognize when a patients condition may warrant emergency intervention while in our care.

We strive to keep our standards more strict than what the industry requires. EMT’s and Paramedics can recognize if something isn’t right with the patient. They can lift, turn and transfer them, accommodate feeding them and changing them while in the back of a vehicle on a stretcher. Even though their presence is not a requirement as an industry standard, we recognize the importance of their knowledge and ability to make the ride for your relative as safe and comfortable as possible.