Managed Medical Transport Turns 27 Years Old!

From our very first call 27 years ago to the ones coming in today, we are continually humbled as people place their most precious treasures, their family members, in our care. As the number of years in business stack up, it becomes easier to gain the confidence of prospective customers who understand that we must be doing something right to have managed the hurdles, pot holes, and economic roller coasters of our time. Increasing operating costs and the never ending stream of those entering (and then quickly exiting) this industry hoping to get rich quick, have been some of the obstacles confronting us. Yet, through it all, we continue to thrive.

Almost daily we are asked, “What’s your formula?”, by callers around the country who want to start their own service like ours. There truly is no formula. Like a piece of clay, we have molded, reshaped and relentlessly adapted to the times. We have taken the basic idea of non-emergency patient transport and “injected steroids” into the concept resulting in a service that the industry had never seen before. Feedback and ideas from patients, employees and medical professionals in our industry too, have been significant to our ongoing success. There is no “cookie cutter” way to provide what we do because there is no “cookie cutter” patient or situation surrounding a patient. We are a service company, and the fact that we cater to the needs of each individual patient, is among our most unique qualities and one in which I am most proud of. It’s not just about safely getting a patient from point A to point B. It’s about their experience along the way.

MMT was not a company that was started with large sums of borrowed money and venture capitalists looking for a great investment. It began like so many other companies throughout history, by passionate individuals who saw a problem in their chosen industry, developed a solution, and presented that solution to the consumers while making a lot of personal sacrifices along the way. Privately owned and never subcontracted out, MMT is a product of the people who work here now, as well as those who have worked here in the past who have helped us continuously evolve and adapt to who we are today.

We have many things to be thankful for and proud of. Our exceptional safety record, our unique team of employees who aren’t just skilled in their field but have the critical thinking, problem solving and people oriented personalities that set us apart. In addition, there’s our vehicles that are constantly tweaked, updated, and technologically enhanced. But of all of the things that I treasure the most, it is the letters and stories that come back to us after the transports are complete. After the fees have been paid, the patient has been transported, and there is no further obligation on their part to ever contact us again, they still do. The reviews returned by our patients and their families, in our recognizable pre stamped envelopes, get eagerly opened even before the envelopes that look like checks. These letters are unscripted testimonies, first hand, in the handwriting of family members and sometimes the patients themselves, that validates what we do. You’ll find them on our testimonial page on our website, quoted word for word.

We have a lot of people to thank for helping us make it to our 27th Birthday. As we move forward, there will be new hurdles and obstacles that we’ll overcome. We will continue to evolve and adapt. But our basic corporate philosophy that includes providing more than is expected or required and always giving back to the communities that helped to make us great, will not waver.