MMT Transitions to the large Transit Vans

Welcoming our first Transit to our fleet. When Ford decided to discontinue making the Econoline vans, we had to reevaluate our next move. Over the years, we have tried them all. The Mercedes Sprinters were by far the worst for comfort and reliability.(yes, we were surprised too!) 
The Town and Country minivans were smooth rides, but too limited on space for long distance transports. Seems we always returned to the Ford vans. Hoping that the Transits will be the work horses that the Econolines were.
We have the inside built out like a limo (minus the bar) with our forward facing stretchers, a larger, enhanced surround sound music and TV system and USB ports throughout. *Our philosophy is this: If you must transfer cross country with a chronic medical condition or a terminal illness, you should travel in comfort! *