Since you aren’t an actual ambulance service, do you still have medical people on the vans?

Yes. MMT was the first dedicated non-emergency service, beginning 14 years ago, to insist that our vehicles have medically trained personnel. No license required it, so there are services who use “drivers” only and save a lot of payroll in doing so! Our drivers, are also EMT’s, Paramedics. They aren’t functioning in the capacity of Paramedic/EMT because they arent equipped with emergency equipment, RX drug boxes and other invasive equipment in these non emergency vans. However, because of their field experience and their EMS and patient care history, they know how to properly care for basic needs of patients during transport.

This is a different environment then a hospital or home care scene. These are the individuals who can recognize if something isn’t right with the patient. They can lift, turn and transfer them, accomodate feeding them and changing them while in the back of a vehicle on a stretcher.

And those are the reasons that we recruit EMT’s and Paramedics for our patients.