What is the difference between using an ambulance service and Managed Medical Transport for long distance medical transportation?

An ambulance is a mobile emergency room. They are well designed and equipped to be the liaison between the world and the hospital when you need specialized, acute care in a hurry. An ambulance isn’t designed for comfort but rather efficiency, critical care, and speed. The cost to operate them is outrageous. In addition, most ambulance services are not licensed to cross state lines since their focus is local or regional jurisdictions.

MMT presents patients with a comfortable, affordable option, without giving up the trained staff that knows how to correctly transfer a fractured hip, talk to a dementia patient, or handle a wide range of non urgent needs on the road. Spending hours with our patients on a journey across several states, our crews are exceptional at addressing details. Everything we do is designed around non-emergency patients. The design and comfort of the vehicles, the unlimited radius insurance that we carry to cross state lines and the extra comforts on board like satellite radio, DVD TV screens, sound proofing between the road and the patient compartment, power inverters, oxygen concentrators and numerous other enhancements.