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About Us - MMT America

MMT is a privately owned corporation based just east of Atlanta in Athens, GA, with a west coast base in Phoenix, AZ. Our vehicles service the entire United States, providing long distance non-emergency transportation from Maine to California, and everywhere in between.

In 1997, we shattered the paradigm by becoming the first dedicated non-emergency service to insist on using EMTs and Paramedics to transport patients. Before MMT, emergency ambulance services were the only option for people who needed stretcher transportation even if they didn’t need all of the acute medical care available on board. And, those mobile emergency rooms charged dearly for the privilege of riding in them. For a fraction of the price, we provided stretcher or wheelchair transportation to medical appointments and special events. We established a repeat and word of mouth customer base with no additional advertising.

By 2001, MMT had established quite a reputation in the medical communities in which we serve. We were known for providing dependable medical transportation using competent medical staff, immaculate vehicles and providing an unprecedented quality of service. After countless requests for long distance transports, we expanded our service to include interstate transportation. This expansion to travel across state lines required a hefty investment in vehicles and general liability insurance. Insurance, when purchased adequately is among the biggest expenses in the medical transportation industry. Even so, we carry more than is required.

In this “no barriers to entry” industry, there are many ways to cut corners and operate at lower standards. Often, the typical patient may not even know the difference unless they have used a service like ours before. However, we have been committed since our inception to raising the bar and hopefully, causing others to do the same. Our experience in the industry makes it possible for us to provide a higher level of service at affordable rates. Although there are times when people find a cheaper method of transport, almost always upon further inspection, they will find that there is something they are giving up for that lesser price.

As we enter our 27th year in business, we remind ourselves that it is by design, not accident that we are still thriving. In a “service” industry, we know that personnel is our greatest asset. The way in which we provide that service is equally as important. With an impeccable safety record and a commitment to provide every patient with an experience beyond their expectations, we hope that you too will feel confident in your decision to trust our company with your medical transport needs.