Do you charge a base rate plus mileage for all of your transports?

No. Transports across state lines and across the country are figured per transport. Usually, the further you travel, the less the cost becomes per mile. When figuring a quote for you, many factors are used to determine your price including current fuel rates and tolls within a specific region, and payroll.

Local transports within our home base operating area(under 65 miles/appointments,etc…) usually have flat rates that we charge so our repeat clients know in advance what the cost will be.

What is the difference in your vehicles and the Sprinter Van and Campers that I have seen other medical transportation services use on the internet?

Our medical transport vans are the result of a couple of trial runs with different vehicles over the years. We began with Chrysler Town and Country Minivans. They were the smoothest because of their passenger vehicle suspension, but there was very little room to move around in them. 
The Dodge/Mercedes Sprinter vans we purchased one year, were by far the most uncomfortable, we handed them back within a year! The Sprinters are “work horses”, and ideal for delivery trucks, package transport, auto part companies, etc.. But the stiff, noisy ride, industrial type ride is worse then an ambulance, and not appropriate for a patient on a stretcher if the goal is comfort.

The Econoline vans that we use, are the result of all that we have learned since our inception in 1997. We purchase them completely stripped from the factory, and then have them built to our exact specifications based on continuous feedback from patients, family members and our crews that travel on them daily. We go the extra step by adding Billstein shocks and swaybars,which further ensures the smoothest ride possible.