Can you fulfill my unusual request?

We’ll be delighted to talk to you about any specific requests that would make your loved one more comfortable during the ride. Here are some examples of requests we’ve had in the past and our response to each.

  1. We would like my dad to have all of the Andy Griffith Show episodes to watch from 1968, season 8.
    Our response: Any special snacks to go along with that? (Thank you
  2. Special diet? No, not really, but my sister loves Godiva chocolates. Hasn’t had them since she’s been in that nursing home.
    Our response: Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? We’ll have them waiting on her.
  3. My mom must have a glass of wine with her meals, even on the road. They accommodated her at the rehab center, what about you?
    Our response: Open container laws in many states prohibit us from serving alcohol, even to a 97 year old patient with her meals. However, we make frequent stops along the way and when we do, wine will be served.
  4. You know, if my dad could hear music from the Big Band Era, the 21 hour transport would be so much easier for him.
    Our response: We will make him his own CD and have it waiting on him. Any specific requests?

What is the difference between using an ambulance service and Managed Medical Transport for long distance medical transportation?

An ambulance is a mobile emergency room. They are well designed and equipped to be the liaison between the world and the hospital when you need specialized, acute care in a hurry. An ambulance isn’t designed for comfort but rather efficiency, critical care, and speed. The cost to operate them is outrageous. In addition, most ambulance services are not licensed to cross state lines since their focus is local or regional jurisdictions.

MMT presents patients with a comfortable, affordable option, without giving up the trained staff that knows how to correctly transfer a fractured hip, talk to a dementia patient, or handle a wide range of non urgent needs on the road. Spending hours with our patients on a journey across several states, our crews are exceptional at addressing details. Everything we do is designed around non-emergency patients. The design and comfort of the vehicles, the unlimited radius insurance that we carry to cross state lines and the extra comforts on board like satellite radio, DVD TV screens, sound proofing between the road and the patient compartment, power inverters, oxygen concentrators and numerous other enhancements.

What are your geographical boundaries for transporting patients?

Our insurance will not cover our vans once they cross the U.S. Border into Mexico. We cover transports anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Although we provide patient transport everywhere else in the United States, we have a minimum of 500 miles. If your needs are just under that minimum, sometimes it’s a good idea just to get a quote from us anyway. Often, people find that after doing all their research, paying our minimum is still the best option.

How can I contact the office after hours?

The people who answer your questions and book transportation at MMT know our business inside and out. They’ve been on the administrative end as well as the patient care and transport end. Those are the individuals that we want you to reach when you call us. They will be able to give you the most accurate information based on in-depth experience. When you call us for information, especially when time is of the essence, the last thing that you need is uncertainty from a call center agent who may require you to wait for a callback. Our highly knowledgeable staff can answer your questions during regular office hours. 

After hours, we put them on call and they are still available via our website email system for questions that cannot wait until the next business day.

What time do you close?

MMT operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. We accept incoming calls through our dispatch center during normal office hours. 

Customers who contract with us and patients who are being transported after hours are given the numbers for our after-hours dispatch.