Can I travel with the patient?

Yes. We have room for one additional person to ride along with the patient if they wish. They will ride in a leather captains chair that reclines, right next to the patient. There is never any extra charge for this. The only exceptions are if the rider is also a patient that needs care, or if the transport exceeds the duration that requires we add an additional driver. That would take up the extra seat leaving no extra room for a passenger.

How can I contact the office after hours?

The people who answer your questions and book transportation at MMT know our business inside and out. They’ve been on the administrative end as well as the patient care and transport end. Those are the individuals that we want you to reach when you call us. They will be able to give you the most accurate information based on in-depth experience. When you call us for information, especially when time is of the essence, the last thing that you need is uncertainty from a call center agent who may require you to wait for a callback. Our highly knowledgeable staff can answer your questions during regular office hours. 

After hours, we put them on call and they are still available via our website email system for questions that cannot wait until the next business day.

I am only able to call after work, when your sales/dispatch lines are closed. What can I do?

The best way to receive a quote or a call back after hours is through our email system. The email requests are sent directly to the on-call supervisor who will respond by email or phone, whichever you prefer.

What time do you close?

MMT operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. We accept incoming calls through our dispatch center during normal office hours. 

Customers who contract with us and patients who are being transported after hours are given the numbers for our after-hours dispatch.

The Medicare office says this is not medically necessary transportation and will not cover costs, however, my relative does not have anyone to care for him at the current location. Can you help?

Medicare will not cover long distance non-emergency medical transport. They view this type of move as a move of convenience. Even though it is imperative that your brother be close to you…the only family who can care for him, Medicare sees that you are bypassing hundreds of “appropriate facilities” along the way and considers your move as a “move of convenience”, not an emergency. In addition to that, if a patient can safely travel by any other means than an emergency ambulance, Medicare does not view the transport as a medically necessary emergency transfer. Hiring an ambulance to make the transfer will not result in Medicare considering the transport unless something is being performed in the back of that ambulance that could not be performed in a lesser equipped vehicle. If a patient is transported in an emergency ambulance for a justifiable reason, the ambulance must transport to the closest appropriate medical facility for Medicare to consider reimbursement.

Can I pay in installments or will I receive a balance after the trip?

To book a transport and reserve a date, we require a 50% deposit that is fully refundable as long as we are given a 72 hour notice prior to the scheduled pickup time. The 50% balance is due on the business day before the transport. MMT does not bill out or finance transportation. We do, however, take most major credit cards, and allow you to split up the payments on as many as you choose.

What information do I need to provide in order to receive a quote?

All that we need is the city and state (or zip codes) of the two locations. We also need a contact name, phone number, and email address. If you request a quote through our website, you may specify that you prefer that we respond via email or phone. Additional information about the patient is extremely helpful, although it will not affect the quoted price whatsoever.

How do you calculate the cost of a transport?

Transports across state lines and across the country are calculated per transport. We do not charge a base rate plus mileage. Usually, the further you travel, the less the cost becomes per mile. When figuring a quote for you, many factors are used to determine your price including current fuel rates and tolls within a specific region, and payroll.

Local transports within our home base operating area(under 65 miles/appointments, etc…) usually have flat rates that we charge so our repeat clients know in advance what the cost will be.